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Ruble Triathlon LLC


trine triple sprint triathlon 


3 x (300 yard Swim, 5 mile -draft legal- bike, 1.25 mile run)


Heading 1

Heading 1


Race Location - Trine State Recreation Area  - 173 W Feather Valley Rd, Fremont, IN 46737

Race Start - 8:00 AM(AG RACE #1); 8:45(NCAA RACE #1); 9:30(AG#2); 10:15(NCAA#2); 11:00(AG#3); 11:45(NCAA#3)

Park Entry Opens For Racers - 6:00 AM

Packet Pickup and Day before(9-13-19) Registration -  Noon - 7:00pm - Bike and Soul - 120 N Public Square, Angola, IN 46703

Mandatory Collegiate Race Briefing(9-13-19) - 5:00pm- Trine State Recreation Area

Race Day(9-14-19) Packet Pickup and Registration - 6:00am-7:30am - Trine State Recreation Area

Mandatory Race Day Briefing(9-14-19) - 7:30am- Trine State Recreation Area

Course Maps - scroll down

Ages 13(by 12-31-19) and up

NCAA Races ---> Womens Triple Sprint Triathlon

Age Group Races ----> Triple Sprint Triathlon, Triple Sprint Aquabike, 2 Person and 3 Person Relay Divisions

Limited to 300 total racers


*New fast fun format with varying starts and a draft legal bike

*Combines NCAA Women(home course race for the Trine University Triathlon Team) and Age Group racing 

*Competitors will race 3 super sprint distance draft legal triathlons all in one morning

*Start times will be every 45 minutes rotating between Age Group and NCAA Women, so each division starts a race every 90 minutes

*Start formats will vary from mass deep water, to individual TT dock starts, to championship wave starts

*Races #2 and #3 are designed to allow all ability levels to mix it up in ways they cannot in traditional race formats - this will encourage everyone and allow better experience for each athlete see "tentative schedule" for specifics

*All bike legs will be draft legal, which puts a new dynamic into each race and allows road bike lovers to use their favorite bike at no disadvantage.  You may have a chance to use team tactics in a race like this as well.

*All bikes must have road or flat bars, no Time Trial bikes will be allowed at this event nor whill disc wheels be allowed

*Both the bike and run course have rolling hills and a few curves

*With a rotating start and a spectator friendly race course/format - there should be a good audience for each race

*Final results will be based on cumulative time across all 3 races.




*Professionally chip timed event

*USAT sanctioned race

*All participants get a race t-shirt

*All finishers get a medal

*Swim in Gentian Lake at Trine State Recreation Area

*Bike on smooth roads with rolling hills and moderate curves

*Run on rolling hills over mostly smooth pavement with one crushed gravel out and back

*Varying format races ('What is a Triple Sprint" sections above)

*Aid stations in the transition and on the run

*Wetsuits allowed per USAT rulings on water temperature 

*First Place Medals for age group winners, male and female

*Trophies for overall and masters winners


Friday, September 13th

Noon - 7:00 PM: Packet pickup and late registration @ Bike and Soul

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Optional  practice Swim for all racers

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Mandatory Collegiate Race Briefing @ Trine State Recreation Area

Saturday, September 14th

6:00 AM-7:30 AM: Race day registration, timing chip pickup, body marking, and packet pickup

6:00 AM – 7:30 AM: Transition area open for bike and running gear setup

7:30 AM: Mandatory pre-race meeting 

8:00 AM: Age Group Race #1 Start (mass deep water start)

8:45 AM: NCAA Race #1 Start (mass deep water start)

9:30AM: Age Group Race #2 Start (tt dock start every 10" slowest finisher from race #1 goes first, fastest goes last)

10:15 AM: NCAA Race #2  (tt dock start every 3" slowest finisher from race #1 goes first, fastest goes last)

11:00 AM: Age Group Race #3 (wave dock starts, fastest finishers from race #2 in wave #1 to fastest in the last, 3-5 equal numbered waves leaving 1' apart)

11:45 AM: NCAA  Race #3 (wave dock starts, slowest finishers from race #2 in wave #1 to fastest in the last, 3-5 equal numbered waves leaving 30" apart)

1:00 PM: Awards (final placings and associated NCAA team scoring based on cumulative times across all 3 races) 


*There is plenty of parking on-site, a volunteer will direct you to the preferred lot.   Most racers will be directed to a large grasss parking lot by park officials and(or) volunteers.


*Bring a photo ID and your USAT License (if you have one) to packet pickup and registration.

*USAT waivers and one day USAT licenses will be taken care of here.

*Cash, check and credit card payments(3% fee) can be accepted for day before and race day registrations.


*Chip timed results with all splits

*Post-race results will be on this website in addition to being up on display at the race site as soon as available.

*Results will include overall cumulative times +placings, individual times for each race, splits for all segments of each race including transitions, and placings.

*Timing chips will be given out in race bags for pre-registered and day before registration.   Race Day give as you register

*Soft neoprene ankle straps will be provided to secure the timing chips.


*All participants must be body marked race morning with a permanent marker by a volunteer, and will receive a wristband at packet pickup that is mandatory to wear during the race with their number on it.

*Participants will receive a numbered sticker to place on their bicycle. 

*Wristband and bike sticker must match to take your bike out of transition after the race.


*Age Group Males must wear speedo-cut bottoms, jammers, or shorts + a top that covers the torso, no bear chests

*Females must wear swim suit bottoms and public swimming appropriate tops at minimum.

*Collegiate racers must wear NCAA approved uniforms


*This is a lake swim at Gentian lake with varying starts (see notes above 'Tentative Schedule' section)

*Buoys will mark the course turns

*A few safety personel will be on the water

*For TT start races your individual chip time starts when you cross the mat to enter the water, and stops at the run finish.

*Swim caps will be provided - you must swim in yours

*Water temperature will likely be cold enough for wetsuits this time of year. 

*Water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees wetsuits are allowed for Age Groupers

*Age Groupers if the water temperature is between 78-84 degrees you can still wear a wetsuit but will be asterisk in results

*Collegiate racers can only wear a wetsuit if water temps are below 68 degrees

*Water temperatures is at 84 degrees or higher no wetsuits allowed.

*See ‘USAT Rules’ section below for more info on rules regarding wetsuits.

*Any other rules specific to NCAA racing will be applied to that race separate from the Age Group races

*Swim course map scroll down


*Participants are to place bicycles, helmets, sunglasses, run shoes, hats, etc in the transition area.

*Volunteers will assist in proper racking of bicycles on the bike racks and how to lay out transition items.

*Maximum of 8 bicycles per rack, first come first serve placement.

*Transition will be in the main Gentian Lake parking lot next to the welcome center

*Only participants and volunteers can enter the transition area.

*Transition will have bins to throw gear post swim

*Participants enter transition for the first time during each race after the swim finish to get their bicycles and head out onto the bike course.

*Participants enter transition for the second and final time during each race after finishing the bike course, re-rack their bicycles, and start the run.

*There will be an aid station near the transition

* No nudity is allowed in transition, please plan race clothing accordingly.


*Bike course map scroll down

*Road bikes only with no aerobars unless they are bridged and do not extend past brake hoods

*No disc wheels, all wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes

*Helmets must met CPSC standards and not be damaged or altered

*The bike course is closed to traffic with police at the park exit and all intersections stopping traffic.

*There will be a few caution signs in place for a few sharper turns on course

*All turns, and turn-around points, will be marked with roadside signs and road chalk markings.

*Bike and Soul Angola help with any last minute bike problems and provide pumps.  Otherwise volunteers will do their best and I'll provide some pumps and equipment for quick fixes.

*All participants are responsible for fixing their own flat tires and minor mechanicals while on the bike course.

*There are no aid stations on the bike course, but there is one near transition and on the run

*See ‘Food and Water’ for details on bike course water.

*See ‘USAT Rules’ for more info on cycling rules.  Cycling rule specifics and other rules will be gone over in the pre-race meeting.


*The run courses will be mostly smooth pavement on a bike path, with a small portion on the road, course has a few curves and hills

*The courses will be marked with signs and chalk arrows for park preservation.  Volunteers will also help direct runners.

*There will be 1 aid station near the midpoint of the run along with one accessible near transition.   My discretion on temperature whether we need additional.

*See ‘Food and Water’ for details on water.

*Run course map scroll down


*All participants must complete the bike portion wearing a helmet approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  Check your helmet for this sticker.

*Headphones, headsets, walkmans, ipods, mp3 players, or personal audio devices, etc. are not to be carried or worn at any time during the race.

* See ‘USAT Rules’ for more info on all rules.


*Relay teams will share a timing chip and transfer the chip in the transition area.

*Aqua bikers will swim and bike with all the triathlete racers and then need to do a short walk or jog after transition 2 to finish

*More info on AQ and Relays soon


*There will be a few porta-johns on site and the park has a small restroom. 

*During the race 1 of the porta-john will be available near the transition area.


*T-Shirts will be in the race packet. 

*Finisher medals will be given at the finish line. 

*A small number of post-race awards may be given out in gender and age based categories per total participant numbers(TBD)


*Water will be available at the transition area and on the run course.

*No water will be available on the bike course, so please plan accordingly. 

*Drinks and some snack food will be available post-race at the finish line.


*In the event it is unsafe to swim each race will become a duathlon with a 1/2 mile run start.

*If it’s unsafe to ride the race will become a swim and run.

*If it's unsafe to swim and ride the race will become just a run.

*The race start may be delayed up to 1 hour if the weather is anticipated to clear up.

*If weather forces a cancellation we can offer a 50% discount to a future 2019 event.

USAT Rules

*A complete list of USAT rules can be found at www.usatriathlon.org.  A list of commonly violated rules can be found below  the course maps on this page. Rules will be gone over at the pre-race meeting on Saturday.

*If all participants do their best to follow the rules and race fairly, there should be no issues.